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Abrasivejets and waterjets use high-pressure water to machine virtually any material. This is accomplished without applying heat to the cut edge, which is an extreme advantage to some steels used in the aerospace industry or steels in the tool&die section that get hard when heat is applied. On the other hand, hard steels that had to be machined with grinders can also be cut with a waterjet. Metals are not the only materials to benefit from this technology though.

   The water comes out of the  nozzle at 50,000 psi. An abrasive is added to the water as it is expelled at this high pressure.This means that practically any material in the way of the water stream gets cut as the water carries the abrasive by the material.Think of it as the meanest little piece of sandpaper in the world in a .030 round stream of water.  The abrasive is called “garnet" which has sharp edges that cut as they are carried in the water stream                   .

  We steer this stream with a CNC control so that simple roughing cuts can be made or complex shapes can be cut.


shape 1shape 2
We can do a roughing cut or a finish cut.

   Only your imagination limits the savings. Kerf Waterjet will be happy to talk to you about your idea to use our technology for your business or project.