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  We specialize in waterjet cutting of all types of material. Do you have exotic steels that cost so much money you hate to see the chips falling in the scrap bin? Well, our waterjet does not make chips! We can cut near net shapes out of plates for you to take your finish cuts on, or we can cut finished dimensions, and give you back  the plate that looks like a cookie cutter went at it. You can save material from our careful nesting.

Remember how long those roughing cuts take in inconel,,titanium,,stainless steel, cold roll in fancy shapes? Let us reduce your tooling costs, machine wear and help you buy less material. We do not need large endmills to cut steels, our cutting tool is approx .040 wide. This allows tight nesting of parts.

   How about those short run stamped blanks you know you need but it is too expensive to build a die for?  We can cut your developement blanks much faster than your mill or wire machine.

  For you Tool & Die people, we cut strippers and riser plates faster then wire machines. This allows you to run jobs on your wire that really deserve wire tolerances.

   Not only steel!  What about those glass filled plastics you don't want to cut at all? We can safely cut them underwater. All plastics can be cut with waterjet.

   How about that special piece of rock you wished you could cut? Marble? Granite? There are many sign and remodeling applications here.

   Tile is a good candidate. We can cut very intricate shapes without the cracking problem of conventional methods.

   Here at Kerf, we cut glass on a daily basis. Again, we can cut shapes that are unattainable from present ways of cutting. Stained glass, safety glass, just about any glass but tempered. Tempered glass shatters.

   We cut a lot of different materials  Want to know if we can help you? Just e-mail Kerf Waterjet or send us a sample of your material and we will make a cut on it and show you what it will do.

   If you have a DWG or DXF file ,,thats all we need.   Send us the file and the quote is faster
   No job is too little for Kerf to help with. 1pc or 10,000pc. They are all important to us.


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